The Savages by Matt Whyman


The Savages are the perfect family from the outside looking in. Just a regular family with regular problems. Until the unthinkable happens.

Sasha starts dating a vegetarian.

This may not seem like a huge problem for most, but the savages have very uncommon eating rituals.

Follow the Savage family as they try to fit in at school, learn to stand up for themselves, and discover who they really are and the type of people they want to be. All while trying to continue to be the close knit family they’ve been all along,….and being investigated for murder.

I loved this book! It’s not as dark as I expected it to be. Not right away at least, but the dark undertones throughout are a treat!  It’s mostly just an interesting take on the problems of an ever changing family, and how they come together at the end of the day to support one another.

This book has some very creepy moments, some very funny moments, lots of relatable moments, and some very touching family moments. All in all its a very well rounded book for such a twisted tale!

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