Loki’s Wolves by K. L. Armstrong and M. A. Marr

In Viking times, Norse myths predicted the end of the world, an event called Ragnarok, that only the gods can stop. When this apocalypse happens, the gods must battle the monsters–wolves the size of the sun, serpents that span the seabeds, all bent on destroying the world.

The gods died a long time ago.

Matt Thorsen knows every Norse myth, saga, and god as if it was family history–because it is family history. Most people in the modern-day town of Blackwell, South Dakota, in fact, are direct descendants of either Thor or Loki, including Matt’s classmates Fen and Laurie Brekke.

However, knowing the legends and completely believing them are two different things. When the rune readers reveal that Ragnarok is coming and kids–led by Matt–will stand in for the gods in the final battle, he can hardly believe it. Matt, Laurie, and Fen’s lives will never be the same as they race to put together an unstoppable team to prevent the end of the world.

If you like Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, chances are you are going to LOVE this book!!

Poor Matt just wants to make his parents proud, do well in school, and just be a regular 13 year old boy! It proves pretty difficult to do this when you are destined to stop the end of the world though.

One of my favorite things about Loki’s Wolves are the illustrations! I am such a sucker for any kind of picture in a book, and these were amazing!! I tried so hard not to flip ahead and I failed hard! They are just so well done!! Go ahead and flip though. It won’t reeaaalllyy spoil the story. A couple of paragraphs ahead you’ll just be able to guess what happens next. Heads up…you’ll be at least slightly wrong every time.

Illustrations aside, this book reads sort of like a comic book! I’m not sure if this makes sense to all of you, but that was the feeling I got from the very beginning. It just feels like a comic book kind of story…but told in words…make sense?

There’s action, there’s adventure, there’s comedy, friendships and trolls! Some betrayal mixed with uncertainty and some amazing bravery! What an amazing read!! I absolutely loved Loki’s Wolves!!! I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I did!

I gave it 9.5/10

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