Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea written by Eric Ode and John Skewes

At the beach with Pete and his family, Larry the lovable pup follows a crustacean toward the sea and is swept out by a wave. He dog paddles around, exploring the plant and animal life before coming face-to-face with an oceanographer who leads him on a thrilling adventure through the layers of the ocean before he’s finally reunited with his best friend, Pete, back at the beach.

This was an unexpected find! I was looking for a great summer read and pulled this book off the shelf because the spine was so bright! What I found inside gave me a new favorite summer picture book!

The story is adventurous and sweet! The illustrations are colorful and fun! And we learn a lot with Larry!

This story is told in whimsical verse. I love a good rhyme!! My favorite part has to be the labels and definitions though. You can read them as you go, or go back after the story is finished.


Although this book is in the preschool ages 3-5 section, this story is great for many ages! It would be a wonerful read in a group setting.

Go ahead and have fun getting lost with Larry! 🙂

Get it here on sale!! 😉

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