So There’s This Book…

So, while I love sharing all of the books that I have read with you, I feel like we’re missing out on all of the books that I am crazy excited for, but haven’t had the time to read yet.

Anyone who knows me knows that my reading tastes reach far and wide. When it comes to my reading appetite, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.

This is why I have created my “So There’s This Book…” category. I cannot count the number of times I have walked up to a co-worker, or come home to my boyfriend and started a very excited book rant with the phrase, “so there’s this book…”.

These reviews are about books that I have found and am super excited for, but have not yet read.

This means that I cannot vouch for content!

Hopefully they peak your interest like they have mine! Have Fun! I know I will! 🙂

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